Initial Consultation

Congratulations! You have officially booked your initial consultation with Meg, Happy to Be Event's Lead and Owner. We bet you have a couple of questions. We have the answers here!

"Planning a wedding is about much more than just a day. It's a lifetime of dreaming, planning, and all the days that follow."

Preparing for Your

After you reach out to us through the website, email, give us a ring, or book a consultation through our online calendar, we always touch base with you  over phone to  learn a little bit more about your day.
We always ask for your budget, guest count, and venue - estimates are fine! This helps us determine your needs and how we can help. 
Then, we get to know you. Our favorite question to ask is what you like about your relationship!
After that, we chat about needs and about your wedding day - getting to know what you want your wedding day to be like .
Before you leave, we talk you through our next steps and schedule a future phone call to chat about the proposal.

Let's start at the beginning

We start with an initial consultation

After our initial consultation, we always do a play-by-play of what we talked about. We send it off to you and ask you for your input. This helps us get feedback as we customize your proposal. We're human too!

Next, we follow up

Our next step after we follow up is to send over a proposal. We customize it entirely to you, but there are a few key things, such as the fact that we will never staff a wedding without an assistant.
The proposal lays out everything - it has our contract, services, payment schedule, and it is an online platform that you can easily sign and make safe, secure payments on. We can also take a check or you can pay through us if we're in person!
Your proposal is live for 7 days and the date is held until then.

Then comes the proposal

Once the contract is signed (we sign it too!) and the first payment is made, we're ready to get started with you as our client!

Signed and paid

Let's chat

We can't wait to meet with you!
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