The Happy to Be Bride

You're a Happy to Be Bride if:

- You want your wedding to be personalized to you - you want to tell your guests the story of your relationship through little details of the reception and the ceremony.

- You’re over the “in” - the cookie cutter wedding with the same stuff. You want your wedding to be unique… after all, your love is unique, so why isn’t your wedding? You’re ready to dig in deep and get creative.

- You would rather entrust your wedding in the hands of professionals than stay up until 3 the night before your wedding making bouquets or re-tiering the cake.

- You can’t wait to celebrate your other half - who’s just as cool as you, obviously.

- You want your guests to enjoy themselves, relax, have a good time, and celebrate.

- You want to make sure everyone special to you feels cared for and loved.

- You’re creative but need to be organized, you want to follow a steadfast process.

- Your main goal: “I Do”. Not just for today, but for tomorrow, and for years to come. 

- You’re ready to prepare for the good and the not-so-good. We’re not going to let the little things like rain on a wedding day let us break a sweat.

Your Wedding Planning Goals:

- To have someone guide you through the process - letting you soak up the excitement while we handle the logistics.

- To have someone knowledgeable of your needs as well as of the possibilities.

- To truly enjoy this time - from showers to parties to dress shopping to tastings!

- The perk? You get to make vendor friends along the way!

Your Wedding Day Goals:

- Relaxing and enjoyable: nothing big or small can ruin your joy!

- Your family and friends get to enjoy the day, too - no “friend-ors” as they call it.

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