The Happy to Be Wedding Planning Experience

We’re big believers in breaking up the planning process into phases – we believe it makes your planning experience better, smoother, and lets you enjoy the ride without feeling overwhelmed.


Ready to learn more about these phases?


Quick note: this is built for the phases our full planning  brides and grooms go through when they book with us. Our other packages incorporate some, but not all, of these packages.

Wedding Planning Experience Phase 1 The Introduction Phase

Our wedding planning experience begins with the Introduction Phase. This takes place over months 12 to 8 on a 12 month wedding planning timeline, and begins immediately after booking.

You’ll start with an introductory meeting with your wedding planner, where we will chat about the big three:

– The dreaded budget
– Your wedding visions
– Major vendors

Then, we get to work: selecting the best vendors for your vision, with your budget and needs in mind.

Next step: we present the vendors to you at your first milestone meeting and let you meet with them and pick your favorites.

You’ll also have a checklist to follow on your own for this phase, as well as some homework and a budget quiz to take!

Wedding Planning Experience Phase 2 The Inspiration Phase

The second phase in our wedding planning experience is the Introduction Phase. This takes place over 8 to 5 months on a 12 month wedding planning timeline, beginning  once the introduction phase is done.

We’ll begin with a second finalization meeting with your designer and planner to go over all things details and design. Here, we’ll discuss:

– Those Pinterest boards and how to bring your vision into reality

Then, we get to work: your designer begins to work on 3 vision boards, presenting them at your third milestone meeting, covering:

– We’ll narrow down on your chosen vision board
– We’ll chat about those secondary vendors

Then, we get to work: selecting the best vendors for your vision, with your budget and needs in mind.

Next step: we present the vendors at your final milestone meeting, and you get to pick your favorite.

You’ll also have a checklist to follow on your own for this phase, as well as some homework, and you’ll get started on your DIY Bride Projects!

Wedding Planning Experience Phase 3 The Preparation Phase

The just over halfway in the wedding planning experience, our Preparation Phase begins. Taking place over 4 months to 6 weeks on a 12 month wedding planning timeline, the preparation phase begins  after the Inspiration Phase.

Deep Breath: all your vendors are booked, and now we begin to prep all the details. From the ceremony order to the song selection, this phase has only vendors meetings. During this phase, we cover:

– Food and drink logistics: we meet with caterers, bakers, and bartenders to complete menus and designs

– Stationary logistics: from welcome bags to place cards, everything is ordered, printed, and written during this phase.  Invitations are mailed out, and we begin to collect replies.

– Vendor management and collaboration: we firmly believe in total communication as the best way to ensure a smooth wedding day. If we haven’t met your vendors before, we network, so we know them before the wedding day, working out all the little details.

You’ll also have a checklist to follow on your own for this phase, and you’ll finish any DIY Bride Projects you took on!

Wedding Planning Experience Phase 4 The Finalization Phase

The final stretch in the wedding planning experience begins with the Finalization Phase. This phase takes place over the final 6 to 2 weeks  before the wedding, beginning right after the preparation details are complete.

During this phase, we’ll be meeting with your vendors one final time, with song lists, shot lists, and final walk-throughs

We reach out to your wedding party members and members of your family, introducing ourselves and sending over itineraries.

During this phase, we compile all the information for your timeline, putting it through revisions and reviews by your vendors, ensuring all parties are on the same page.

Your Wedding Details list is created and finalized, with every major event, item, and task for your big day complete.

We’re gearing towards the finish line, so your independent checklist shrinks and the one that we complete together grows!

Wedding Planning Experience Phase 5 The Realization Phase

The Realization Phase takes place over the final two weeks before a wedding day, beginning immediately after the Finalization Phase.

We’re here: vows are written, everything is booked, time get you married. Handling any last minute details, we’ve got your back.

Your team is by your side on the day of the wedding:

Your assistant coordinator gets their first, checking in on you and your girls before checking in on your venue.

Next, your designer shows, ensuring every  detail is there, perfect.

Then, your lead planner arrives, ready, set, go.

Right up to the glass of champagne we hand you after you walk down the aisle, though the reception, guiding you through every event.

Deep breath, you’re best friends turned into newlyweds.

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Now that you’ve learned about our systems and our curated wedding planning experience, let’s talk about what we have crafted for our past couples!

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