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Created in 2017 by founder Meg Flores, Happy to Be Events is focused on telling the story of you, your life and your love, through expert planning and coordination, creativity and design, and styling and execution.

We are a team of Virginia Wedding Coordinators and Planners. Our mission is to make the planning process smooth, stress-free, and most of all, FUN!

Throughout the planning process, we pride ourselves on being great listeners while understanding the vision our clients are trying to achieve. We produce events that are completely unique to our couples’ personality & style.

Prior to the event, we are responsive and communicative to our client’s vendors, following up and finalizing, allowing our clients to enjoy their engagement.

On the day of the wedding, we are calm, cool, and collected; prepped for everything, ensuring flow and timing.

Planning a Wedding is about much more than just a day. it's a lifetime of dreaming, planning, & all the days that follow.

At it's heart, we're storytellers

Are you a Happy to Be Bride?

We are Virginia Wedding Planners, and we are committed to constantly furthering our craft.

Whether you are booking Full Planning, Partial Planning, or Event Management with Happy to Be, you will be working with an experienced professional with a world of experience and not just field training, but academic education as well.

From our assistants to our lead planners, our team is made up of creatives in the wedding industry who are knowledgeable of their craft, passionate about their job, and most importantly, care for our couples.

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Our Mission

Quality Over Quantity

- Our lead planners and coordinators limit the amount of weddings they take on to 20 clients a year. That way, they can have time to focus on their client's leads and be on hand to handle any bumps that arise.

- Our lead planners take on less to have time to continue their education through workshops and seminars, attending conventions and taking online courses in an effort to stay on top of their game, providing the very best service to you, our brides and grooms.

- Our planners take the time to work with you, focus on you, take that extra phone call with you, exceeding expectations at every turn.

Communication & Education

- We're willing to bet that you're new to this field of venues, photographers, caterers, and dresses...and it's probably a bit confusing, frustrating - the whole nine yards. We're here to educate, explain, and guide you along the way.

- Between talking to the caterer about the perfect time to set up according to the expectations of the venue, who also needs to know what the DJ will be bringing, who needs to know how long the walk down the aisle will be to time the music just right...we've heard it all, and we're here to communicate and chat with the right people to make sure your day goes smoothly.

Minimizing Stress

- We're here to make executive decisions on your wedding day...so we don't have to bug you.

Because, really, who wants to place 150 napkins on their wedding day when the caterer is stuck in traffic?

We can't wait to meet with you! Because we are so busy making beautiful days on weekends, we have set office hours on Tuesday to Thursday from 9 to 5 pm. We're happy to meet you outside of those hours, and at the location you desire, though - just ask!

Office: (540) 693-0196
904 Princess Anne Street Suite 303-A, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Office Hours: Tu-Th | 9-5 PM; Fri-Mon | By appointment only 

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While we have locations in, and plan and coordinate events all over Richmond, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, and Northern Virginia/DC, We call our cute little office in Downtown Fredericksburg Home.

Happy to Be Events

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- You want your wedding to be personalized to you - you want to tell your guests the story of your relationship through little details of the reception and the ceremony.

- You’re over the “in” - the cookie cutter wedding with the same stuff. You want your wedding to be unique… after all, your love is unique, so why isn’t your wedding? You’re ready to dig in deep and get creative.

- You would rather entrust your wedding in the hands of professionals than stay up until 3 the night before your wedding making bouquets or re-tiering the cake.

- You can’t wait to celebrate your other half - who’s just as cool as you, obviously.

- You want your guests to enjoy themselves, relax, have a good time, and celebrate.

- You want to make sure everyone special to you feels cared for and loved.

- You’re creative but need to be organized, you want to follow a steadfast process.

- Your main goal: “I Do”. Not just for today, but for tomorrow, and for years to come. 

- You’re ready to prepare for the good and the not-so-good. We’re not going to let the little things like rain on a wedding day let us break a sweat.

You're a Happy to Be Bride if:

Your Wedding Planning Goals:

- To have someone guide you through the process - letting you soak up the excitement while we handle the logistics.

- To have someone knowledgeable of your needs as well as of the possibilities.

- To truly enjoy this time - from showers to parties to dress shopping to tastings!

- The perk? You get to make vendor friends along the way!

Your Wedding Day Goals:

- Relaxing and enjoyable: nothing big or small can ruin your joy!

- Your family and friends get to enjoy the day, too - no “friend-ors” as they call it.

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