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Happy to Be Events is an Event Planning, Wedding Design, and Event Management company that serves couples all over Virginia, especially in Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia, DC, Richmond, & Charlottesville.

Founder Meg Flores created Happy to Be Events in 2017 with the passion for designing beautiful events and crafting authentic moments that are turned into treasured memories. Her passion, experience, and knowledge is key to telling her client's amazing stories of love and life through cohesive planning, tasteful design, and event management. 

Welcome, Friends

We tell stories of love, romance, & adventure.

"Meg is amazing, and she made my wedding the most magical day of my life."

"She had every detail accounted for before I even thought to ask."

"She completely understood the wedding I wanted, and she made it happen."

"I was able to fully enjoy my day and not have to worry about a thing."

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Our creativity is showcased in our event design. We work with the client to create a vision and an experience for the wedding that speaks to them, and tells a story signature to the two of them. 

During our design process, we meet with our clients to create a vision board, secure any decor and accessories, and recommend the perfect vendors to fit their vision. We pull together all the little details to make a stunning day.

We make sure that, throughout the process, your voice is apparent in every detail, that you, the couple, is heard. Our job is to get you to say, "That detail is perfect! It's so us!".

Event Design

Our wedding planning services are built with our clients in mind: busy professionals who want to enjoy their engagement, not be a slave to their wedding planning.

Our process is built into sections: we begin with a questionnaire, budget quiz, and we set you up with our planning software. We meet for an initial consultation, and then we get to work: securing the venue, photographer, DJ, florist, and more.

Then, we tie together all the details, lead the final walk-through, produce a final timeline that is organized and easy to follow, and lead the vendor team on the day - keeping you on track so you can enjoy the day.

Wedding Planning

Our event management process is organized and thorough. We reach out to our vendors with final questions and a draft timeline. Then we attend the final walk-through with the venue, caterer, and florist. We gather and organize all of the action items, keeping you on track for every step of the way. Our process ensures that every detail will be perfect

Two weeks before the wedding day, we send the final details, containing the timeline, floor plan, and any other details. On the day, we lead the vendor team, follow the timeline, make sure every detail is perfect - keeping you on track so you can enjoy the day. 

Event Management

Need something a little different? We've got this! Let us create a package built for you and yours, getting you down the aisle how you want it. 

From destination weddings to extra events to extravagant stories of timeless love, we can create a package built and customized exactly for your needs.

We'll start with a conversation: the goal is to get to know you and your needs. Then, we will work to interpret everything from our meeting to develop a custom package for you to review, with every detail listed out as needed for your wedding.

Custom Packages

It begins with a conversation and a cup of coffee...

The Happy to Be Experience

We work with our couples to create custom experiences that speak to their story and their needs. It all begins with a conversation... where we get to have the privilege of getting to know each other, your needs and wants of the wedding, and see if we are a "good fit" for each other.
Our initial consultations are quick 20-minute calls to discover your needs and determine which service we offer is best for the two of you.

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We aim to make the consultation process as simple as possible by having an online booking calendar available for your convenience.

Make an appointment for a consultation with the best wedding planners in Virginia to see if Happy to Be Events is a good fit for you and for your event planning needs!

Our consultations are quick 20-minute calls to discover your needs and determine which service we offer is best for the two of you.

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Meg held my hand throughout the entire process. She completely understood the wedding I wanted, and she made it happen. My day was absolutely PERFECT, and all credit goes to Happy to Be.

Elizabeth & mike

The Happy to Be team are so incredibly helpful throughout the whole process. They cared deeply about our wedding and it would not have been as amazing as it was without their help. I cannot recommend HTB enough!!

Stephanie & dustin

Meg and her team were amazing for our wedding! It wasn't the easiest wedding in the world just because of how much my husband and I work but she kept us on track. Our wedding would not have been the amazing memory it is without Happy to Be Events. 

Tiffany & Robert

Meg was an amazing coordinator who listened to my needs and went above and beyond on my wedding day. With Meg I was in good hands and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. our wedding turned out great and all the credit goes to Meg!

Gloria & James

My MOH and her family hired Happy To Be to help me with all the details of the wedding. Meg was AMAZING. She was extremely organized and was always multiple steps ahead of me. Every time I would think of something, she would have already taken care of it or had a plan for it.

Amanda & Daniel

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